Fulfil your African Dream Safari

AFRICAN SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHY SAFARIS (PTY) LTD is a world class safari tour company who focus on the smaller touring groups such as families and close friends. This offers the traveller a unique customized touring experience dedicated to fulfil the travellers expectations from a African safari. Private tours to Cape Town, Botswana and Kruger National Park provide travellers with a safe and unique adventure which is well organized and professional.

Our guides have been travelling these parts of Africa since childhood and have extensive knowledge about the areas. Knowledge about the wildlife, history, and passion is what makes our tours special and exciting. Our tours vary in length and activities which offer customized itineraries with plenty of adventure, food as well as downtime enjoying nature with refreshments. Ending the days with the perfect sunset and exquisite wilderness areas is how we celebrate the end of an adventure filled day. Our goal is to offer the best fit between the ultimate safari and what you as the traveller would like to experience. We allow our clients to experience Africa in all its glory and all Africa has to offer.



Experience the very best of Africa with our unique, tailor-made and affordable adventure and 4×4 safaris tours.  Our professional guides have great knowledge of the bushveld and will take you to the best areas for sightseeing.  We are gifted with some of the most unique wildlife, flora and fauna, birdlife and beautiful landscapes



Extensive knowledge of Africa.

Being South Africans, we have first-hand experience and will take you on a tour that will match your requirements.

Value for money.

We aim to take you on your dream tour while sticking to your budget and needs.  Our consultants will give you accurate information and inform you of all costs.

Great packages for both national and international travellers.

Whether you are a local or not, we want to take you on an incredible journey through Africa.

Fantastic customer service and support.

Booking a tour through AFRICAN SPIRIT means exceptional service and a contact line that will assist you with all the necessary booking details and travel advice.


On two occasions my brother and I have been fortunate enough to utilize the services of African Spirit Safari as our guides on our trips to southern Africa.
African Spirit Safari were able to fashion each trip so that our respective wishes and expectations were not only met, but exceeded. 

Gary Fowler – USA

Calling all sightseers and adrenaline junkies. If you even remotely fall into one of these categories, a trip to South Africa with African Spirit Safari should be your first priority.

Bruce Fowler – USA
At AFRICAN SPIRIT we pride ourselves in providing customers with a unique African experience.

Our passion for the bushveld, past travel experience, great relationship with luxury lodges and camps and real value for money will ensure a memorable trip.  We strive to give our clients ongoing support, expert advice and an experience of a lifetime. What would you like to see? What would you like to experience? Your dream African Safari awaits.