African Safari Honeymoon

How to Plan the Perfect African Safari Honeymoon

Any honeymoon is a special kind of vacation. An African Safari Honeymoon is that bit more special. There is something romantic about a safari with your new wife or husband, something magical and even surreal. We all have images and perceptions of what a honeymoon on Safari could be like, some are true to the movies seen, books and magazines read, and websites visited, others not quite as you might imagine.

Planning an African Safari Honeymoon

Before the days of modern transportation, a safari was an adventure that had a year or more of planning. One hundred years ago a safari was not for the fainthearted and meant months away from home facing all kinds of unknown danger. Modern-day Safari Holidays still require a great deal of planning, a honeymoon safari needs perhaps more planning. While the hidden dangers of the savannah and jungles of Africa are now less there are still things to be aware of. Planning is therefore essential.

Right Place Right Time

On a safari honeymoon you want to see as much and perhaps do as much as possible. To achieve this you need to visit the right place at the right time. There are certain places where you will see certain animals at certain times; remember the wildlife of Africa is wild and not just showing up because you have decided to pay them a visit.

Choosing the right park, lodges and game drives is a vital part of your planning. Some five-star lodges may have all the comforts of home but may you may not see the wildlife or have the experience you are looking for. Researching the lodge you wish to stay at, and its location and linking these to the time of year you are going to be on your African Safari Honeymoon is the best way to avoid any disappointment. You may want to choose a lodge that has romantic, honeymoon accommodation but choosing this could mean you miss out on what Africa really has to offer. There is a lot to consider when choosing where to stay.

Experience Matters

To help you decide on the best place choosing what you want to see or do helps. The best advice from the experts in the field of Safari Vacations is to not try and do too much or do everything. Perhaps choose a few absolute must-sees or must-do items for your stay, this is your honeymoon after all. For some, this is sundowners watching wildlife and for others a hot air balloon safari. You may want to do something outside of your comfort zone or something you would not normally do. With planning, you tailor your experience.

The number one thing to realise when you are on Safari is that you will be tired. The days can be long, the weather can be hot and the terrain harsh. Don’t expect the wildlife to come to you, you must go to it. Plan for a tiring time and plan for rest periods, don’t push yourself, take your time.

How much time?

The right place, right time and doing what you want to do and seeing what you want to see all come together with one thing, the amount of time you have. The amount of time you spend or plan to spend on your honeymoon safari is important. We all wish we had unlimited time but for most of us, that is impossible. Plan your travel time to and from your lodge, it can take a lot longer than you think once you are on the ground in Africa and you can soon lose a day travelling and another half a day recovering. Plan for rest time, plan for time just to be with your new spouse and plan what you want to do. Speak to the experts about your safari honeymoon and you will end up with the honeymoon of your dreams.