Cape Town is the best known port city of South Africa on the southwest coast, on a peninsula overwatched by the majestic Table Mountain. Cape Town also goes by the name “Mother City”. It is one of three capitals (Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Cape Town) in South Africa. Cape Town is best known for its harbor, its unique and priceless Floristic Regions and the landmarks such as Table Mountain and Cape Point.

Cape Town is the oldest Urban area in the Western Cape and hosts plenty of activities for any type of traveler. With historic and quaint buildings and homes the architecture of Cape Town is vast and interesting. Cape Town was awarded the World Design Capital in 2014 by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design.

The history of Cape Town is clear in its structure and culture.

On top of Table Mountain (which you can get to via foot or the cable cars) you can see the entire Cape Town in a breathtaking view. The UNESCO declared Robben (World Heritage Site) can also be seen on a clear sunny day. Robben Island was once the home of President Nelson Mandela among other inmates. It has since been converted from Prison to an astonishing Museum which could be reached via Boat.

From the top of table Mountain you will also be able to see why Cape Town is a CI Biodiversity Hotspot with the unique Floristic region spans across 70 peaks (over 50 km) with over 2200 species of plants just confined to Table mountain (to give you an idea the UK only has 1200 plant species).

If culture and experience is your reason to visit then the Cape Town Waterfront will satisfy any tastebuds. Food and wine is served here with elegance and passion.

A perfect end to a day of breath taking views from Table Mountain.